Barbecue for Babies

No, I’m not writing a new cookbook.  We’re starting the little one (8 mo) on meat, and he chose pork!  (Shocking, I know.)  We are taking a fairly conservative approach to introducing foods, trying things one at a time and all that, and he seems to be a good eater so far.  Once he’s had just about everything, then the fun starts — pureed pickles, mashed up meatloaf, blended bratwurst…

slow cooked pork, all ready for the blender!

But for now, slow cooked pork tenderloin with applesauce (pureed pork, if we’re sticking with the alliteration game).  Simple.  Seasoned with some olive oil, salt, and two spoonfuls of applesauce, covered and cooked for 4 hours at 215 degrees.  This tasted great, but then I blended it up and added water until it had the consistency of oatmeal.  Lovely.  At some magical time in the future he’ll eat whatever we eat, just in smaller pieces, and he’ll be excited for real pulled pork, cassoulet and crispy pig’s ears, or bone marrow and parsley salad!  Or he’ll just want white rice and bagels…

not quite yet

Along those lines, for more on baby food (more about feeding kids in general), you’ve got to read Hungry Monkey.  Hysterical.  I wrote a review of it a while back that you can find here.  To be filed under: parenting, food writing, and picky eaters.  Check it out.


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