Of course we’re doing Charcutepalooza!

Of course we’re doing Charcutepalooza!  I’ve just been buried with half-written posts that are bouncing around in my drafts folder, post that I’m excited about too, but they’ll be on the way soon.  I’m also happy to have connected with the hundred-plus bloggers chatting about #charcutepalooza on Twitter.  A nice bunch of folks sharing information about salt cures, aging times, humidity, temperature, pink salt…  And from those Twitter feed folks and their blogrolls, I’ve been reading more great sites on food preservation of all kinds.  And then I’m still trying to read real books

So, Mrs. Wheelbarrow, we’re in!  I’ll have to take the duck prosciutto extension clause for January, but I’ve already been doing extra credit this month.  Although it’s not a Charcutepalooza Challenge yet, I just started fermenting a batch of sauerkraut today that should be ready by the Super Bowl in two weeks.  I’m sure there will be a fresh sausage of some kind to go with it, so stay tuned.


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3 Responses to Of course we’re doing Charcutepalooza!

  1. Cathy says:

    We’re so glad you’re part of the meat party.

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