Making Ginger Beer – part 1

Cross-posted at Once There Were Lions, my science blog, which I’m currently using to post assignments for a class I’m taking called “Web Tools for Teaching Science.” The subject of this post happily falls within both interests.

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So I was reading the other day about making ginger beer at The Paupered Chef. I dig those guys because they make stuff I like, and they’re always one step ahead. Something comes around, and I think, “You know, I should try that sometime,” and sure enough, they post about it. It was a post of theirs on making homemade bacon from three years ago that made me think, “I could totally do that.” And soon enough I was doing a bacon-curing lab with my seventh graders to demonstrate the role of salt in food preservation. (Yes, it was a tasty, tasty lab.) And we’re definitely still on the charcuterie kick. So when they wrote last month about making ginger beer at home, I knew that it I’d end up trying it.

What a perfect time to try a new kitchen experiment and to document the process, to see if I could make a simple video tutorial (an explanation really), and embed it on the blog. (Who knew at the beginning of this class that web tools and brewing would overlap?) In another interesting and overlapping layer, I’m also taking MB541 Microbial Genetics this term, so I was happy to throw in the scientific name of the champagne yeast Saccharomyces bayanus and a very simplified formula for fermentation!

I filmed this yesterday in my kitchen, and used Windows Live Movie Maker to quickly add captions and credits. (Although I’m a Mac person at home, I’m a PC at school, so I figured I’d try the Windows way for future school projects.) That’s it. Really simple. And a good excuse to brew some ginger beer and try out a new web tool. Okay, I was making the ginger beer anyway.

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