Assorted Links 8/22/12

cherry hot peppers, destined for some kind of hot sauce

Plenty of great things out there. Here’s what caught my eye in the past few weeks:

Smoked porchetta di testa (From Belly to Bacon).

Dill pickle gear (Food With Legs).

How to Smoke Salmon (Hunter Angler Gardener Cook).

Go Pig or Go Home – trip to Italy 2013 (Punk Domestics).

Garlic Dilly Beans (Fermenters Club).

Gluten-free homemade cheese crackers (Gluten Free Girl & the Chef).

Homemade bitters (Petite Kitchenesse).

And on the topic of homemade hot sauce (a future post), I read this post from Culinaria Eugenius on cooking vs. not cooking, naturally fermented vs vinegar, and why pickled hot peppers last close to forever in the fridge, but once you blend them up they’re somehow more susceptible to mold.


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3 Responses to Assorted Links 8/22/12

  1. austindurant says:

    Hi Scott, Thanks for the great links and for the shout-out! I love Hank (Hunter Angler) and Sean (Punk D)!
    – Austin, Fermenters Club

  2. Scott says:

    No problem, Austin! The dilly beans turned out great; nice and sour, with good crunch, and they disappeared before I got a picture to post.

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