Juniper Infusion Experiment #2

 Not quite sure what to call this. It could be considered “gin bitters,” although there aren’t any bittering agents included. But it’s an infusion of berries and spices in 100mL of vodka, and I think I might use it in the same way as I would use bitters. How do you get the piney juniper, coriander, and citrus essence of a nice gin into concentrated form? We’re going to find out.

I’ve had bitters on the mind recently. Grapefruit bitters are in the works here in the basement, after a successful batch of a basic orange “house bitters” that I made, adapted from a recipe in Brad Thomas Parsons’s book. The idea for this infusion came out of thinking about how to get juniper into a vodka and tonic without actually using gin, combined with the fact that sometimes I simply like to drink tonic and bitters together. So what if you spiked the bitters with juniper?…

I threw in some dried citrus peel (lemon and grapefruit in this batch), coriander seed, clove, caraway, and two dried cherries. Curious to taste how it turns out.

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2 Responses to Juniper Infusion Experiment #2

  1. Sean Orr says:

    this IS gin

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