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Ideas in Food, the cookbook

The first three words that come to mind after jumping into this book are ingenuity, precision, and passion. Aki Kamozawa and Alex Talbot’s new book Ideas in Food: Great Ideas and Why They Work has gotten a lot of great … Continue reading

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Snow Day + Duck Confit = Duck Hash!

When life gives you another foot of snow, make duck hash! ——————————————————————-

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Happy Burns Night!

Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, And sae the Lord be thankit. The Selkirk Grace – 17th Century Blessing Although sometimes attributed to Robert Burns, … Continue reading

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I am really excited about this post because the cold smoker is up and running as of 1pm today. My friend Ken and I have been talking about this forever, and last weekend we made the trip to Lowe’s for … Continue reading

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Of course we’re doing Charcutepalooza!

Of course we’re doing Charcutepalooza!  I’ve just been buried with half-written posts that are bouncing around in my drafts folder, post that I’m excited about too, but they’ll be on the way soon.  I’m also happy to have connected with … Continue reading

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Adventures in Winter Smoking

Well, sometimes you have to dig out the grill first. In preparation for pizza night this weekend (I used the basic 5-3 Ratio pizza dough, subbing in 20% whole wheat flour and a touch more water than 3 parts just … Continue reading

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Barbecue for Babies

No, I’m not writing a new cookbook.  We’re starting the little one (8 mo) on meat, and he chose pork!  (Shocking, I know.)  We are taking a fairly conservative approach to introducing foods, trying things one at a time and … Continue reading

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Mom’s Gravlax

I wasn’t kidding about wishing that people come to visit you bearing cured meats.  I really do wish that for you, because it’s such a great thing.  And my mom is getting in on the whole curing thing, which just … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Smoke Cure Pickle Brew!

I’ve got a few goals for the year, and the food-related ones involve more baking at home (with whole grains even!) and more experiments in the world of making fermented sausages and dried whole cuts.  I’ll be putting together a … Continue reading

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