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Pork and Beans

Last summer I made Adam Robert’s “Best Beans of Your Life” (which are actually The Barefoot Contessa’s beans, but I head about them through Adam’s blog The Amateur Gourmet), and they were really tasty. Start with dry kidney beans, add … Continue reading

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Cassoulet: Assembly and the final dish

First off, the cassoulet was a big success.  After some unfounded anxiety about how to assemble it — which in the end doesn’t really matter — it all came together and made for a terrific meal.  It was filling, rich, … Continue reading

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Cassoulet, Part 3: garlic sausage

Okay, this is a quick one.  Following the same general process for fresh sausages as I wrote about here, I made a 4 lb batch of garlic sausage this afternoon for the cassoulet.  I didn’t stray far from Ruhlman’s master … Continue reading

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Cassoulet, Part 2: pork belly

I got a pound and a half of fresh pork belly at Whole Foods, and it was already cut into pieces.  I normally would prefer a single piece, but in this case I figure it will be fine.  I’m going … Continue reading

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Cassoulet, Part 1: duck confit

Day 1: In preparation for making cassoulet for Christmas Eve, I figured I’d start with the duck.  I’m having a hard time finding duck fat in any large quantity in local stores, and even the most reasonable sources online get … Continue reading

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