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from “the butcher, the baker”

Chris Peterson over at the blog the butcher, the baker mentioned our series on cassoulet in his recent December Links post, along with links to recent articles on Mangalitsa pigs, blood sausage, and another blog from the sous chef at … Continue reading

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Cassoulet: Assembly and the final dish

First off, the cassoulet was a big success.  After some unfounded anxiety about how to assemble it — which in the end doesn’t really matter — it all came together and made for a terrific meal.  It was filling, rich, … Continue reading

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Cassoulet, Part 3: garlic sausage

Okay, this is a quick one.  Following the same general process for fresh sausages as I wrote about here, I made a 4 lb batch of garlic sausage this afternoon for the cassoulet.  I didn’t stray far from Ruhlman’s master … Continue reading

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Cassoulet, Part 2: pork belly

I got a pound and a half of fresh pork belly at Whole Foods, and it was already cut into pieces.  I normally would prefer a single piece, but in this case I figure it will be fine.  I’m going … Continue reading

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Cassoulet, Part 1: duck confit

Day 1: In preparation for making cassoulet for Christmas Eve, I figured I’d start with the duck.  I’m having a hard time finding duck fat in any large quantity in local stores, and even the most reasonable sources online get … Continue reading

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Sweet Italian Sausage with Brown Sugar and Fennel

Okay, it’s time to break out the meat grinder.  Everyone likes to come home bearing gifts come Christmas time, and what better way to ensure a warm welcome than to bring sausage?  Wine works too, but it doesn’t have quite … Continue reading

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